Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 617

Advances in our engine will bring graphical improvements for players using RuneScape's Software and Safe modes, and increased speed to players using OpenGL or DirectX modes. The use of a Z-buffer across all graphical modes unifies their workings, which means artists can now create more complex models and more interesting animations, where previously they have been limited by the software modes.

One element of this we're particularly excited about is the ability to model and animate players and NPCs outside of the 'square' on which they’re standing. This will allow us to improve weapon wielding, combat animations and various other aspects of your appearance. Artists will also be able to design and build more impressive areas, which are less constrained to the grid-like nature of the RuneScape world.

Additionally, users in Software or Safe mode should see less in the way of graphical ‘clipping’ (where objects/locations in the world cut through each other incorrectly). We have also seen speed increases in OpenGL and DirectX of up to 50%, but this does depend on the area you’re playing in.