[GUIDE] How to get some mounts quickly on Lost Ark?

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Our little walks in Archesia are very exotic from one region to another, but this is not the case with our mounts. After a little over a week in the plains of Lutheran or the desert of Arthéline, we can see a shallow diversity in the mountains of the adventurers who cross our path.

[GUIDE] How to get some mounts quickly on Lost Ark?

Lost Ark offers many ways to acquire more than just a canyon to get around Artesia. Here is a small list of easily obtainable mounts more or less early in the game – without the shop, of course! It's all about knowing which ones.

Don't forget that your adventure journal is an essential Lost Ark resource, so don't neglect it!



Borea's Courier

Nothing very complicated for this mount. You must mount your adventure log (N key by default) to 40% in the Eastern Lutheran region. You have to claim your support in the newspaper, and you're done!




Go to Artheline to complete your journal to 50% to get this Overboard. Again, it's pretty simple, given that a global area farm will naturally unlock this mount.



The gray-striped raptor

Also, via the adventure log, you can get this magnificent raptor by completing the adventure log at 30% in Bern-Nord. It's almost too easy...



The Frost Wolf

This amount is obtained by completing the story quests of Bern-Nord and those of Silensierra (which follow those of Bern-Nord), thus allowing you to continue from the raptor mount. Once these two questlines have been completed, you are eligible to obtain the wolf mount!



The white beetle

To get this mount, all you need to do is complete any Adventure Log to 100%. You will then get an Ignea symbol. You can then go to any tavern to validate your new mount at the NPC in this collection.

For more details on Ignea's symbols, check out our Lost Ark collectibles guide.



The Mossy Turtle

You will have to complete a series of quests to obtain this mount. Go to Turtle Island and talk to Finn, a little boy who wants to become a turtle.

Know that this series of quests will take you around the oceans of Archésia, so plan the diesel necessary for this adventure!

Once this is done, you get a Coral gem. This can be exchanged at the luxury goods merchant at Château-Bern in Bern-Nord. You will then have the choice between three turtle mounts.


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