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Lost Ark is a new MMORPG game from Smilegate that gave players the CrossFire online shooter. Ark is an ancient, magical artifact that most people don't believe exists. No one has seen him since the great war, and many people think this is just a legend that the bards came up with. You, as a player, need to take on the role of a hero who must save the world from the Demon Legion of Caserot.




Lost Ark was first presented at the Korean exhibition G-Star 2014. However, development began already in 2011 and was kept in strict confidence. Many players compared it with Lineage Eternal, but subsequently, NCsoft curtailed the development of their project and decided to create Project TL, about which there is practically no information, so at the moment, Lost Ark is the only major project for the Korean MMORPG market for PC.



Main features of Lost Ark:

  • A large game world with unique bosses, large dungeons, and various puzzles.
  • Amazing visual content.
  • Non-target system and isometric camera.
  • A tripod system will improve each of your abilities and give it a unique property to create combos.
  • Combo-based combat system - you have 8 abilities that can interact in various combinations.
  • Move around the world on your ship and beware of bosses.
  • A wide variety of classes and subclasses.



General Information


When will it be released?

The open beta testing of the Korean version took place on November 7, 2018. The game is localized and published by Mail.Ru (MY.GAMES) in the CIS region. Open beta testing of the Russian version began on October 27, 2019. It is not yet known who will publish the game in Europe and the United States.


What model will the game be distributed on?

The Korean and Russian versions of Lost Ark are free-to-play.


What are the system requirements?

See this thread for system requirements.


What game engine is the game being developed on?

The game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 3 game engine.


How to play Lost Ark?

For CIS players, it is enough to register on the website and download the client.


What protection does the Lost Ark client have?

In addition to the fact that Lost Ark is being developed on the Unreal Engine 3, Korean developers have added a third-party Xigncode anti-cheat. The Russian version uses MRAC.





What is the character editor in the game?

Lost Ark has a good character editor with many options to customize your character.


Is there a class binding to the gender of the character?

Yes, I have.


How many classes are planned in the game?

According to current information, about 6 primary classes and 18 subclasses are planned (concept):

  • Warrior: Berserker, Destroyer, Warlord
  • Magician: Arcana, Summoner, Bard
  • Fighter: Battle Master, Infighter, Soul Master
  • Gunner: Hawkeye, Devil Hunter, Blaster
  • Assassin: Shamanking, Pirate, Shadow*
  • Specialist: Astrologer, Musician, Alchemist*


* Not yet in the game.


The following archetypes and classes are currently featured in the Korean version:

  • Warrior: Berserk, Destroyer, Warlord
  • Magician: Arcana, Summoner, Bard
  • Fighter: Battle Master, Infighter, Soul Master, Lance Master
  • Gunner: Hawkeye, Devil Hunter, Blaster
  • Assassin: Demonic, Blade


A new Holy Knight class for the Warrior archetype is planned for release.


In the Russian version, the list of archetypes and classes is as follows:

  • Warrior: Destroyer, Guardian, Berserker
  • Mage: Arcanologist, Summoner, Minstrel
  • Marksman: Ranger, Demon Hunter, Mechanist
  • Monk: Dualist, Key Master, Avatar


Can you give more details?

  • Based on the Russian version, we can tell the following.


Mages are a magical class of characters. There are currently 3 subclasses:

  • The Summoner uses staves to deal damage and summon various creatures. During the battle, it allows you to accumulate ancient energy necessary for special attacks.
  • The archeologist uses special magic cards as a weapon. During the battle, it accumulates special energy, which allows you to open two random cards with random bonuses.
  • The minstrel uses a small harp to damage or assist allies. Generates energy during combat that can be used to buff or heal allies.


Shooters are a character class with ranged weapons. There are currently 3 subclasses:

  • The mechanism uses a powerful universal cannon in combat, such as a cannon, minigun, rocket launcher, or flamethrower.
  • The Demon Hunter uses three weapons in combat: dual pistols, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle, which he can freely switch between in combat.
  • The ranger uses a bow and arrow in battle and can also call on his faithful assistant, who is capable of inflicting significant damage on opponents.


Monks are a character class that combines melee abilities and various energy-based techniques. There are currently 3 subclasses:

  • The Avatar is a master of close combat, able to apply his years of experience to unleash various deadly attacks. During the battle, he accumulates special energy, which can be used to apply special techniques. For example, a character can turn into a tornado.
  • A dualist is a class that specializes in controlling two energies to use certain techniques. Let's call them Yin and Yang. Yin energy is restored by itself or from certain skills, while Yang is restored only from the use of certain skills. As a result, this class can unleash crushing blows on its enemies by properly using both energies.
  • Ki-Master is a class that uses a flying talisman as the main weapon and can unleash destructive energy on any opponent.


Warrior - A class of characters that use a variety of swords, shields, and spears to destroy opponents. There are currently 3 subclasses:

  • The berserker uses a two-handed sword to deal deadly blows and generate rage. After he has accumulated enough rage, it can be released.
  • The Crusher uses a two-handed Seismic Hammer to deal gravity damage and store special energy. After releasing energy, all normal attacks are replaced by special ones.
  • The Guardian uses a cannon spear and a shield to deal damage or defend. A typical tank can activate a protective dome for itself or an aura that will protect allies.


How and when should you choose a class?

The ability to choose a class opens at 10 combat levels. After choosing an additional class, all past equipment becomes unusable and cannot be worn.


Do all classes start from the same location?

No, each class starts with its own story, prologue, and city.


How many levels does the character have?

The character has two main levels - combat and peaceful (craft). Each of these levels is responsible for a certain branch of abilities, which can also be divided into combat and non-combat.

  1. Combat - as the name implies, these abilities are used in battles against mobs and other players. They are available to you immediately from the first level.
  2. Peaceful (Craft) - this branch contains all the active abilities that you need to collect resources. Peaceful abilities will become available at about level 25 after completing the quest.


How to download the game?

You will develop your character through quests. You will meet story quests and side quests that you do not have to complete.


What is a tripod system?

In short, the tripod system can give certain abilities certain properties. Each ability has a certain level, which is obtained due to investing special points. The level affects the strength of the ability. There are three groups of improvements for each ability that give the skill new properties or change the way it works. These improvements will also require the investment of special points. This thread can read more about the tripod system and ability levels.


What are ultimate abilities?

Upon reaching combat level 50, a special quest will become available. After passing, you will have the ultimate ability. Each class has its ultimate ability. You can use it once every three minutes, and to use it, you will need to have a special stone. You can buy a stone from an NPC in any major city. It is not expensive.


Is there a lore book in Lost Ark?

Yes, I have. This magazine is a collection of knowledge about the world of Lost Ark. For the obtained ranks in the magazine. It's called Atlas. You can receive rewards. During the passage of quests and grinding, special books will drop out for you. They must be activated so that knowledge gets into the travel journal.





What is the division of equipment in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has a fairly standard equipment division - a variety of weapons, heavy, medium, and light armor, equipment stones, and stones for inserting into armor and weapons. All these things are divided into grades in the usual way for an MMORPG player.


What grades or quality types does the equipment have?

At the moment, they are:

  • White - These are mostly starting pieces of equipment or consumable items.
  • Green - a more advanced grade of equipment, drops quite often from any source.
  • Blue - a more advanced grade of equipment, drops quite often from any source.
  • Purple is the main grade that you will farm on the cap, which can be obtained quite rarely.
  • Gold - is one of the final grades of equipment available to players, a rather complicated and long acquisition process.
  • Redheads are the most advanced grade of equipment and the most difficult to obtain equipment in the game.


How to get equipment?

You will find common and rare equipment at the beginning of the game up to level 20. You will find unique gear in normal and group dungeons, and you can get an epic one in cinematic dungeons, from location bosses, and in the Tower of Infinity. Getting the same legendary equipment in Lost Ark is quite confusing and difficult. You can:

  • Get rid of the equipment
  • Craft from resources and items


Do you need to repair equipment?

Yes, you need to repair the equipment at the blacksmith in the city. In a bad state of things, attack and defense indicators seriously drop.


Is it possible to dismantle unnecessary equipment?

Yes, you can. At a special NPC, you can dismantle unnecessary equipment for a certain amount of silver coins.


What are armor passive abilities?

Passive abilities are abilities that your character is granted when wearing certain equipment. These abilities have a level of development that depends on points. Points that affect one or another "passive" are written on the equipment itself. There are both positive and negative passive abilities, so you have to combine the equipment you find properly.


What are Fetranites?

Fethranites are inserted into a special slot and serve to enhance one or another passive ability. Such stones can also be called talismans. You can get these talismans, like regular equipment, through a drop, a special currency, or buy them at an auction (like regular equipment, they are divided into grades).


Can stones be inserted into equipment?

Fethranites cannot be inserted into regular equipment. However, in Lost Ark, there are special stones for equipment (runes). You can insert them into a free slot in a thing. Such stones can be crafted from NPCs, and, like equipment, they have grades.


Are there attributes in the game?

Yes, the Lost Ark has a system of attributes, such as water, fire, earth, etc. 





What are peaceful abilities (craft)?

Nonweapon abilities are responsible for gathering plants, gathering wood, minerals or ores, hunting, fishing, and treasure hunting. Each peaceful ability has its rank, which can be increased by engaging in a specific type of activity, for example, gathering wood. One of the main differences from other MMORPGs is that to use non-violent abilities, you must have special tools that are destroyed with each use, and you will need to buy them in large quantities periodically. For example, for collection, you need special gloves.


It is worth noting that in Lost Ark, there is a rank of resources and tools for collecting. Therefore, to get any resource, you first need to have the rank necessary for obtaining it from a peaceful ability. There are also regular resource gathering methods and unique ones. More details about them are described in one of our materials.


So what about craft?

You can find a crafting NPC in cities with all the crafting functionality available. Collect the necessary resources, click on the "Craft" button and get a thing.





Is there a system for developing relationships with NPCs?

Yes, there is a relationship development system in Lost Ark. It's pretty simple - you can develop relationships with many of the NPCs in the game, but you have to complete a few quests to do so. It is necessary to develop relationships using a special menu, from where you can give a gift to an NPC, play a melody or play an emotion.


How to navigate the world of Lost Ark?

You can move around the world of Lost Ark using teleports. However, teleports can only be used within one continent. You can move between continents only on your ship. You can move around the locations on your mount. You can also use Song of Remembrance to teleport.


What are the songs?

The music system will become available to you as you progress through the main storyline. Each class in the game has its musical instrument, and it is assigned to a specific archetype:

  • The Shooters have an electric guitar.
  • The Warriors have a battle horn.
  • The Monks have a panflute.
  • The Mages have a harp.

As you complete the quests, different songs and unique musical abilities will become available to you, particularly the Song of Memories, with which you can use the teleportation system.


Are there dungeons in Lost Ark?

There are many dungeons in Lost Ark, and they can be divided into several types:

Cinematic dungeons - they are available during the passage of the storyline quests. They are played as part of a group of players and have a colorful visual design and a variety of cutscenes. Currently, the game has the following cinematic dungeons:

  • Ruins of Morai
  • Heart of Critter
  • King's tomb

Shadow Tower: You must kill the monsters on each floor in this dungeon. You rise to the floor above after the next wave of monsters has fallen. In addition to monsters on the floors, you can also meet bosses.

Cube:  You are given a certain amount of time for which you need to destroy a wave of monsters. If you destroy all the monsters, you can move on to the next stage. If one player from the group dies, you will not receive anything as a reward. The reward level does not increase from stage to stage but with the help of a points accumulation system. You will be given points for each stage when a certain number of points is reached and the reward level increases.

Hidden Dungeons: There are special dungeons in Lost Ark, the entrance to which you can only find if you have a special scroll. Passing the dungeon is not difficult, and after the death of the boss, you can get a bunch of different things and one thing that meets the condition of the scroll (grade and item level).

Ordinary dungeons are available for passing alone.


And is it all from PvE content?

No, that's not all of the PvE content in Lost Ark. You may also be interested in the following:

  • Location bosses - you can find these bosses in various locations, they drop items of epic quality, and the reward is calculated depending on the damage you dealt with the boss. Such bosses are easy to kill with a small group of players.
  • World bosses are quite difficult to find in the game world since they have a very long respawn time, respectively. Players will be interested in a big reward for killing such a boss - items and accessories of legendary quality - and they will guard him just 3-4 hours before the appearance.
  • Guardian Raids: Instanced dungeons were available to players in which it was necessary to find and destroy a huge boss. Unlike location and world bosses, various potions cannot be used in these dungeons. In addition, the time given to you to destroy the boss is very limited. Such raids have difficulty levels, determining the number of available lives for the entire group. If you and your allies die 5 times (the easiest difficulty level), then you will not be able to complete the raid. 





What PvP content is in the game?

At the moment, PvP content is represented by three types of arenas:

  • Arena - team fights 3 vs. 3, the team that achieves the most kills within the allotted time wins.
  • Royal battle - six characters fight alone against each other. The top three players who destroy the most opponents win the battle. The best player gets the most experience.
  • The match takes place in duel mode (1vs1). Rally - 6 players are divided into two teams of 3 players. When one of the characters dies, the team's second player replaces him, then the third. The surviving team wins.


Is there a PC?

Free PK is available in the pirate city of Atlas. This city is located on the open ocean, so you need to have your ship to get there. In addition to the city of Atlas, there are several other islands where PK is allowed. Such islands are marked in red on the map.


What are PvP runes?

Upon reaching the maximum level, PvP runes become available to your character, which improves some characteristics in PvP. There are 3 rune slots available for your character. In addition, you have a special PvP level, and some runes require a certain PvP level to be able to insert them into a free slot. Now, this system is not in the Russian version.


Are there guilds in the game?

Yes, there will be guilds in Lost Ark. You can create a guild around level 30 after completing the Wall of Glory story mission. To create a guild, you will need 10,000 Lost Ark gold , and the guild name must not be longer than 12 characters.


Can I upload my guild icon?

You cannot upload your logo or icon for your guild. You can use the icons built into the game when creating a guild to create it.


What benefits will I get if I join a guild?

In short, various dungeons will become available to you where a group is required, you can exchange items between guild members, and you can also find like-minded people.


What is the maximum number of guild members?

According to current information, the maximum number of players in the guild is 30.


Will there be BGs in the game?

The Korean version has several BGs for guild activities. So far, they are not in the Russian-language version.



Marine Content


Marine content? Come on!

Yes, there is marine content in Lost Ark. To move between continents across the ocean, you need your ship. Most likely, you will also be able to hire sailors on your ship.

In the open ocean, in addition to large continents, you will find a huge number of small islands where you can find chests with valuable items, multiplayer quests, demons, and the like. In addition, you should swim up and explore the remains of ships that have crashed on reefs or shipwrecked. You never know. You might find something of value. Also, in the open ocean, there are islands where PK of other characters is available.


At what level will the ship become available to me?

You can get the first ship when you reach level 40 and complete a special quest.


Where can I get a tier 3 ship to the icy continent?

You can get it after completing the storyline in Bern.