Your account have been hacked

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 571
Have you account have been hacked after you put the order to buy Runescape Money ?If you have put an order to buy the runescape money on a site which you don’t know very well ,your acc have took the risk of being hacked ,as usual your account can be hacked after you got the runescape money ,all your money and your stuff lost at once ,so your account have been hacked!You want your gold and stuff back ,so you hope that the site which has sold the runescape money to you ,but you have no evidence to tell why the site should take responsibility of your lost stuff.The worst thing is that no site will make a compensation for your loss!

Under this situation , cus you play the runescape ,you cant leave the money , cant you want to find a safety site to order the runescape money?yea, here it is !from now on ,you can put the order as you want ,your account will not take risk of being hacked,we can make sure that you can get your gold as soon as possible ,no matter how much you want to order ,at the same time ,we can promise you that your account is safety ,we have the measures to protect your account after the trade,there are never customers’ account have been hacked till now !

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