Woodcutting Rebalance

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 584

Willows, maples and magic trees all have their uses, but what of the lesser known vegetation such as the hollow trees of Mort Myre or the arctic pines of the Fremennik isles? With this week’s update, we’ve taken a closer look at the Woodcutting skill, rebalancing experience for the less popular trees and cultivating some new forms of training, but it’s not just XP rates that we’ve been analysing...

Teak and mahogany trees now also have a special log or two up their sleeves, which are worth much more than their weight in gold to the right buyer! Choking ivy has been seen clambering up the stone walls of RuneScape’s major cities and is much tougher to deal with than it looks. We’ve also tweaked arctic pine-splitting and put up some Prayer-refreshing hollow bark torches in the Haunted Woods, so get your hatchets out and your arms chopping!

Finally, the workers at the Lumber Yard are inviting high-level woodcutters to participate in 'Sawmill Training', where you can grab, slice and saw your way to greater experience. For more information on all of these changes, head over to the Woodcutting section of the Game Guide.

In other news...

Hobgoblins were starting to feel a bit left behind in the looks stakes compared to their Bandosian brothers, so we've given them a graphical rework.

We've removed the doors to Edgeville's furnace to make it easier to use, but moved the furnace two squares further from the bank to maintain the balance. You will still need to have completed the necessary Varrock Achievement Diary tasks in order to use the furnace.

You might notice a small new feature has been added to the Friends List (the ability to move the line separating players’ names and online status). This feature is associated with the Display Names update, which we’re hoping to release later this year.