Woodcutting From 1 to 99 guide In Runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 517

The ultimate guide to chopping trees and making GP in Runescape!

The basics:

Whether you just came out of Tutorial Island or you just need some help on Woodcutting You’ll definitely need these things to start off:

Definite need:

-[Best metal you can wield/use at your level] Hatchet

Optional Items:

- Tinderbox (If you’re planning to get Firemaking xp

Recommended Area:

Picture below shows the best area for all of your woodcutting needs. AS you can see there is a bank surrounded by normal trees for if you’re just starting out, There is also oaks slightly south of the bank and Willows next to the lake. This area is mostly crowded so switch server accordingly. 

Helpful Tips

If you’re a keen fisher then why not fish in the spot on the lake. It’s next to the trees so you can chop some wood [Woodcutting xp] then turn it into a fire [firemaking xp] then cook the fish you just caught [ cooking xp/Fishing xp]. Experience paradise!!!

Alternate GP making spots

If you are looking to make some money after reaching your woodcutting goals, your best bet is the grand exchange. Go to the centre then immediatly go east to find a path between the walls. Go South if you are wanting to chop Oaks to sell/store or North if you are wanting to cut Yews and store/sell them straight to the grand exchange. If your wanting to do this method it is possible with a Rune Hatchet to get about 600 Oaks an hour. At the selling cost of Oaks at the moment that will fetch you around about 32.4k! Pretty good if you’re not a member and your needing a quick fix of money!