What you’d better know regarding to the runerich

Date: Oct/29/13 14:53:04 Views: 63

Actually, what confused us most is that whether runerich.com is safe? Whether Runerich is reliable? Whether Runerich.com is legit? Whether we should trust Runerich.com? Whether Runerich.com prices are the cheapest?


Runerich.com is from the same company as usfine.com. I used Runerich. And I got bad service and complained. They gave me extra 25M . But it’s up to you.



Well, all below reviews are collected from web, and all reviews are from customers.There is someone said that I know that Runerich‘s gold farming is more than that and they are very legit. Maybe they are owned by the same people but different people working under them. Maybe there just botting for RuneRich or something and that’s why its worth less.


In the meantime, another one said that we need you to sent an comfirm email , use your paypal email, in the confirmation email , you say: I am buying virtual goods, I completely trust this site, I agree to not chargeback, If I tried charging back, Usfine have the right to show this email to paypal and it will void my claim.