What Remains The Same In Madden 18

Date: Oct/19/17 02:28:32 Views: 1059

Just over a year ago the Oldennerd exchanged the football for the first time against the pig leathery and took "Madden" on the PS4 to the chest. At that time (were there still times?) He still earned plenty of questions to sympathetic looks for his interest in American sports. Just 12 months later this has changed significantly.



Every damn Sunday, more and more Germans are coming together for live broadcasts of the NFL games. Many people know what press coverage, play action and pick-six are, and the inevitable Fifa tournaments when hanging out with friends have given way to unrelenting "Madden" matches. Reason enough for the Oldennerd to look more closely at the latest version of EA's football simulation - in the hope that only slight changes in the gameplay will play him in the next matchup.


What remains the same: once with everything


"Madden 18" is still the only football game with complete NFL franchises, so all teams, players, coaches and stadiums. Still, newcomers need more than just a few minutes to play into the complex playcalling and not just shatter on a wall of muscles. And, of course, text and language editions are only available in English in the year 2017. Basically, the controller assignment has remained the same, apart from a few finesse.


What's new: story mode, gameplay, play clock


Following the general trend towards storytelling in sports games, "Madden18" presents the most striking innovation with the game mode "Longshot". Here (and plays) one is a once-promising high school player, who after the accident death of his father and a bad college game had hanged the cleats to the nail. Thanks to the stubbornness of his friend, he does it on the radar of the NFL scouts. A reality show called "Longshot" is to help.


In the course of this, Devin Wade, the avatar's name, has to fulfill various tasks such as precision fitting, quick decision making and, of course, acting under pressure. In the end he is then (hopefully) by a team gedrafted.


Aside from the death (including Mahershala Ali as a different father and QB legend Dan Marino as mentor) and the really entertaining game challenges, the story is however Ami Kitsch of the finest - Highly praised, then at the bottom, destiny and in the end again on top. Most liked, but did not. After almost four hours, the whole thing comes to an end. It would have been nice to extend the whole thing and give the player the opportunity to prove himself in the NFL. Maybe next year.


"Madden" is really a little bit more difficult this year and therefore also better. Just because passports came last year relatively reliably as on the cord pulled at the Reciever, at "Madden 18" you have to drink a bit more target water, otherwise the egg and previously safe balls end very quickly with the opposing safety.


And also the running game is stopped, faster on the higher difficulty levels, faster and more stubbornly than before. What initially makes for anger and hassled controllers, leads to the fact that one is more careful in the preparation of the defense and tries to manage the refrigerators with finesse.


Plus: Finally, the accelerated play clock is automatically displayed. Regularly the Oldennerd had gone to the ceiling with the predecessor, had he forgotten to change the small slider before the game start and all clock management with the hell went.


The Madden Curse


So far "Madden" - Coverboy Tom Brady is still healthy and quite reasonable by the season. So the question is when the "Madden curse" hits. Last year, Rob Gronkowski was still caught in the season, Richard Sherman, Drew Brees and Michael Vick are other prominent victims. Perhaps you wanted with EA so synonymous, that the Patriots do not already win the Super Bowl.


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