Valentine's Day Massacre - Results!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 478

This weekend saw more Wilderness action than we’ve seen in years as the Valentine’s Day Massacre events took hold across all worlds. Clans, solo PKers and Gielinor’s trading elite all contributed to the 48hr-long battle and the ever mounting death toll. As the dust begins to settle and the Kill Count Competition has come to an end, I’m pleased to tell you that the final Kill Count was a massive 625,347!

Over 2000 of you sent your macabre predictions to [email protected] and the closest guess was from “Messier” who predicted that 623,500 people would suffer a violent end during the weekend’s battle.

A huge congratulations to you Messier; you have won yourself a Jagex Goody bag and a Wilderness T-shirt.

Talking of T-shirts, we’re celebrating our biggest Wilderness battle with a commemorative T-shirt. It’s available on the Jagex Store right now, but as numbers are fairly limited, you’ll need to get over there quickly if you’re looking to bag yourself some top Wilderness memorabilia.