Ultimate Level 99 Cooking Skill Guide In Runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 1076
Cooking is one of the most popular skills, when it comes to get a skill to level 99. Cooking is easy and fast and any RuneScape player can train it. Currently, well over 100,000 players have achieved level 99 Cooking and if you follow this guide the number will rise dramatically. There are many ways to cook. You can either get raw food or gather up various ingredients to start cooking. The fastest way is to just cook raw food. 

If you have level 1 Cooking, you can start by cooking normal meat or chicken. You might burn a few but don’t worry, you are probably killing animals to get the meat instead of buying it so you will not be losing anything. You can also make bread but this is much slower. Keep cooking meat or chicken until you reach about level 30 Cooking.

Now you should try cooking fish all the way to level 99. If you have the required fishing levels, start fishing at Barbarian Village and cook the salmon or trout you get there. Do this until your Cooking level is at around level 50. You should stop fishing at this point or you will get 99 Cooking very slowly.

At level 50 Cooking, buy some raw tuna and keep cooking until you are level 70 Cooking. This won’t be as slow as you think. Anyway at level 70 Cooking, you should cook raw lobsters until you achieve level 99 Cooking and if you are a member, definitely cook raw monkfish. By the way, cooking at a range or stove is much better than cooking at a fire as the burning rate is less.

At a certain Cooking level, you will stop burning certain types of food forever. This is very good news. The Cooking level at which some types of fish stop burning are:

  • Level 50 Cooking for Trout
  • Level 58 Cooking for Salmon
  • Level 63 Cooking for Tuna
  • Level 74 Cooking for Lobsters
  • Level 86 Cooking for Swordfish
  • Level 92 Cooking for Monkfish (members only)

These are the main fish you need to cook, if you want to get level 99 Cooking quickly. Using the Cooking gauntlets, the Lobster’s, Swordfish’s and Monkfish’s stop burning levels, will be reduced. However, these gauntlets are only available to members after a quest.

With lobsters, it could cost over 5 million coins to reach level 99 Cooking, as the price of cooked food is less than raw food. If you find that you don’t have enough money than you should cook tuna instead, but if you think you have much more money, than you can try swordfish.

For members, the cheapest way and best way is monkfish. The price difference of raw and cooking monkfish is even less than that of tuna. So if you are a member, cooking monkfish until you have level 99 Cooking.

When you are cooking, you can even do something else, as it takes time for you to cook a whole inventory of food. You might be able to talk to somebody else who is also cooking. The best places to cook is the Lumbridge range and the Grand Exchange. People are often Firemaking at the Grand Exchange so you can just cook in one of their fires. 

When you have reached level 99 Cooking, go to the Cooking Guild, and talk to the chef with a Skillcape. You can buy one off him for 99,000 coins. This is only for members.