Troll Invasion

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 587

Trolls have begun their invasion of Burthorpe in earnest, leaping from the Death Plateau into the Imperial Guard’s ranks. The Guard’s claws are not quite enough to hold them back, so they need your help. Whether you’re a skiller or a fighter, the Guard welcome you.

You can choose between fighting them head on, or repairing the single defence that stands between the trolls and a fleshy buffet. Opt for close combat and you’ll be thrown into 20 increasingly difficult waves of trolls; starting with common mountain trolls, you’ll quickly be dodging the strikes of dynamite trolls, troll summoners and Cliff - he’s big, he’s ugly, and he once ate a coastline. If that sounds too tame, there’s a 7-wave version to test your mettle. Only 7 waves, you say? Try holding back Cliff with dynamite, runts, spells, poison and rocks whizzing past your head!

Crafters, constructers and firemakers can also take on the trolls. Tend the ballistas, top up the oil drums and repair broken walls to frustrate your opponents. Just make sure the trolls don’t get their stone mitts on your defences, or they’ll start pummelling it into nothingness. Hardcore defenders will even find morale boosting effects that can be used to whip up the Imperial Guard into a troll-busting force.

You’ll be able to fight against the troll invasion whenever the fancy takes you, but you will only receive an XP reward for doing so once a month. Try to make the most of that attempt, as the XP you receive is based on how many waves you manage to survive or how many trolls you kill defending the keep! You’ll then be able to put the XP into a skill of your choice, in a similar manner to Penguin Hide ’n’ Seek.