The Runespan has been Released as a New Runecrafting Training Method!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 618

After promised at Runefest 2011’s, attendees chose a new Runecrafting training method from a choice of 5 potential updates. The Jagex finally released a new Runecrafting training method: the Runespan.

The Runespan is an arcane plane of floating islands and wild magic, making it the ideal place for an evolution in Runecrafting training. You can siphon runes from the creatures that inhabit the Runespan, and from elemental nodes that manifest across its vast expanse.

Doing so will grant you runes (as well as a healthy stream of Runecrafting XP, of course), which can be used to activate the transport platforms installed by the wizards of the Runecrafting Guild. The further you traverse the Runespan, the higher the value of the runes you can craft, and the XP you gain from doing so.

How to access the Runespan:

- Speak to Wizard Finix in the Wizards’ Tower.

- There are three levels to the Runespan. Everyone can reach the first level and a small part of the second, but you must be a member for full access to the second and third levels.

Are you ready to explore on Runespan? Before to start your journey, you must prepare well for your account with enough runescape gold. We wish you a good luck on Runespan!