The Quartermaster's Market - Best Trader

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 631

Good day my noble tradesfolk.

Firstly, I was thoroughly impressed with how the trading community saw an opportunity to make some money out of the slaughterfest of Valentine’s weekend. My business-savvy merchants came up with a range of entertaining pitches to grab the attentions of passing Wilderness adventurers and duly posted them on the Quartermaster’s Market thread. Remember that ‘stores aren’t just for storing’, not when there’s a prince’s ransom to be made!

I have to say, my favourite post was from Til’s Pizza and Pub – a most remarkable selection of delicious goods delivered right to your spot in the Wilderness (normal caveats apply for extreme risk of death en route). Now that’s customer service!

So well done, Til – a small token of appreciation is winging its way to you.

And special mentions must go to the other salesmen whose pitches tickled my fancy:

  • KinG x BLiTZ and his curious black market where everything is sold out...
  • Eronaay –for the most violent mud pies ever created
  • Deserted – for just being so desperate to get people’s attention!
  • Gitanuca1 – for attempting the impossible, an setting up a Wilderness estate agents (and all of the staff dying as a result) a noble folly!
  • Ghoul Dragon – for being prepared to “do anything for your money” !

Happy trading and remember, it’s okay to stab your business rivals in the back...!