The Original Idea of The Summoning Skill

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 527
The Summoning skill was released by Jagex on January 15, 2008. Since that time, players have grown very accostomed to the new skill because of its relation to combat and combat level. Now, we all believe that Summoning in Runescape generally was in fact thought up by Jagex themselves. Unfortunately you are wrong.

As a matter a fact, Summoning was originally used by Runescape Private Server. Not in the sense that you think, though. They weren’t called familiars (well depending on the server of course), they were generally called monsters that can be like a pet but also help you in combat. One of the first Runescape Private servers to ever do that (not existing anymore unfortunately) is runescape.

Surely enough, Jagex used the same general idea. We are not sure that Jagex stole the idea as players could have suggested the same idea from private servers to the Runescape Forums. In one of their blogs they talk about the unreleased rune called the “Life Rune” and even showed a picture on of the Developement Diaries. The life rune was inteded for summoning but that kind of summoning would be used in the Magic skill.