The newest Dungeoneering Guide for F2P

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 814

The Dungeoneering skill is one of the most extensive skills in RuneScape. Dungeoneering incorporates all of the other skills, as well as being a skill on its own. Many RuneScape players blow it off as an activity instead of a skill for this reason. Dungeoneering is one of the more fun/interactive skills in RuneScape, one that you have to think to level.


All Dungeoneering takes place in Daemonheim. You can get to Daemonheim by sailing on a ship from the southern part of Al Kharid, or selecting the Teleport to Daemonheim on your Ring of Kinship. The Dungeoneering tutor, an NPC, gives the Ring of Kinship resides outside of the castle built on top of Daemonheim.

How to begin

Click the open party interface option to get started with Dungeoneering. Form a party by clicking the form party button on the party interface. Here, you have two options. Go alone, (solo) or go with a group. After deciding to solo or group Dungeoneer, click on the Dungeon entrance to bring up a floor interface. Select a floor. Then a complexity interface will appear. Select your desired complexity.

Why you solo

Soloing is the easiest way to Dungeoneer. You are automatically assigned a small dungeon designed for one person only. Pick up everything from the tables and sell the useless items to the Smuggler. The Smuggler is your source for equipment and resources, if you don’t gather them yourself.

Binding a weapon

You should have a strong weapon bound. If you are using melee, bind the strongest spear, maul, 2h, battleaxe, longsword or rapier as you can wield. Unlike in RuneScape, the longbows and shortbows in Daemonheim have different ranged bonuses. Mages should bind an air staff or a catalytic staff. Rangers or mages can bind up to 125 of the ammo of their choice. To bind something just right click the item and select bind.



Pick up the key on the ground if there is one. Then open the first door. After killing all of the creatures in the room, you should have 10k or so coins. Go back to the smuggler and buy the following items: Novite hatchet, Novite pickaxe, hammer, tinderbox, fly fishing rod, fifty feathers, highest level logs you can burn, and (if you have 54 runecrafting) 40 rune essence. Craft the ten rune essence each into air runes, earth runes, cosmic runes and law runes.

Getting food

When you find a cooking range, use the logs on the range and drop a gatestone in front of it. Find a fishing spot of the highest-level fish you can catch and fish away. After you deplete the resource, use gatestone teleport to teleport to the cooking range. Light the logs and cook all of your fish.



You will occasionally stumble upon a puzzle room. You must solve the puzzle to unlock the doors ahead. Use this page to solve a puzzle.



Prestige is something that will get you much more exp that normal. To get prestige, you must complete all of the floors that you can do. After completing the floors, reset your progress in the party interface. Then do all of the floors over again. The exp gained in Dungeoneering will be doubled in many cases.



Bosses are usually the toughest monster to defeat in a dungeon. They all have special attacks or traits that must be avoided or defended against. The boss resides in a room with a special door that is locked while in combat. However, you can use gatestone teleport to escape. For tougher bosses, it is strongly recommended that you restock on food before the fight. You can end the dungeon by going down the ladder that reveals itself when the boss is killed, and you will go to the next floor.