The Good Part and Bad Part of Runescape Bot

Date: Dec/31/13 11:20:51 Views: 890

Runescape bot is very popular during RS Players. Many players love it so much, but many players hate it. And Jagex always forbid RS bots, because they treat using bots is violating Runescape policy. Even though, the rs bots have never stopped in the game. Today we would say the good part and the bad part of using a runescape bot.



As we know, most of the rs players are students and 80% of them are under 15 years old. It means they do not have enough time to farm rs gold, or some of them are too lazy to farm gold all the time. But they need the gold very bad because they want to get the better rs equipments and stuffs. So to those players, to use runescape bot is a very good choice. Because bots can help them play when they do not have time to play by themselves. At the same time, bots can bring them a lot of runescape gold. So it is good to use bots under this circumstance.

But you know Jagex does not allow players to use bot to play in Runescape. So if you insist using bots, your runescape accounts will be in the risk to get banned. If your account is not at a high level, then it is ok if you get banned because you can create a new account to restart from the beginning. But if your account level is very high, then it will not be a wise choice to keep using bots, because one you get banned, it will mean you have wasted too much time and lost a lot of money since high level account can be sold at a very good price.

Where can you get the rs bot if you want to have it? There are many websites selling runescape bots, so you can just buy one from them. If you want to get the free rs bots, you can search on Google with keyword “ free runescape bots”, then all the sites having free bots will come out. You can check one by one and get your favorite one. But usually the free bots are not good as the non-free ones.

Well, if you have enough money, we do not suggest you to buy runescape bots, because you can just pay to buy runescape gold and power leveling from us, it will be toally safe without having the risk to get banned. But if you do not have enough money, you can try to use rs bots as you wish.