The FunOrb Digest

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 638

Since we announced Armies of Gielinor back in January, there have been a number of updates to our sister site, FunOrb. This includes Kickabout League: a fast-paced, arcade-style football (aka soccer) game, with online, real-time multiplayer for up to eight players.

You might not think a football game could have much in common with a fantasy RPG, but Kickabout League encourages you to gain experience for each of your players, buy trinkets to give them new abilities, customise your team’s look, and even trade them on a Grand Exchange-style online auction system. It can also get quite brutal as you pummel, dodge and foul your way up the highscores to the top of the Diamond Division.

Last week saw the release of Steel Sentinels, in which you pilot hulking mechs in frantic multiplayer battles with up to twelve players. The game also features an extensive single-player campaign mode that gives you access to twelve classes of sentinel, including the flight-capable Hurricane-class and the devastating Valhalla-class. Each sentinel can be fully customised and armed with an array of lethal weapons, including guns, rockets, missiles, lasers, plasma launchers, lightning beamers and others even more destructive.

Armies of Gielinor has seen a few updates in that time, too. There are now team games for up to eight players (with team chat); some well-known RuneScape items (e.g. rune armour and rings of life) to boost the effectiveness of your army; a prestige system to show off how skilled you are; plus a host of other tweaks and improvements. The FunOrb team is currently hard at work on a single-player campaign mode.

Then there’s Virogrid, a spiritual successor to the old Jagex game Slime Wars, plus updates to Zombie Dawn (a batch of levels set in the UK), Zombie Dawn Multiplayer (new maps, including a competition winner’s design), Miner Disturbance (a Super Volcano), Brick-a-Brac (new levels) and Escape Vector (new game modes).