Ten Weeks Player Battle represents a part of Runescape Future

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 473

Runescape 3 has been released for many months, but more and more players are still joining in this free to play game because its good game design.

The Battle of Lumbridge sees two of the game's gods battling for control of a mighty power which is to be found below the surface of the town. Player actions will dictate how the conflict unfolds and, ultimately, which of the gods is victorious.

There are several pieces of content that are in development now that will change depending on the results of the battle. It will also affect the projects that are commissioned in the future and the nature of the quests, characters, challenges and decisions that exist within those projects, not to mention future world events.

Players vote on critical decisions each week, and the result of that vote changes the nature of the battlefield and the gameplay that goes on there. They also get to choose how the surrounding areas are fortified and rebuilt, since Lumbridge has been left in a bit of a mess! The winning god will have a distinct advantage in the future and will feature heavily in up and coming content and the runescape gold will be rewarded if you can do a very good job in the battle.

It is not unusual that a substantial content update or a game event sees a spike in user activity. What will be interesting is how many new account holders or returning old-timers Jagex can maintain as regular visitors to Gielinor.