Tasks and Skill Targets

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 455

The old Achievement Diary interface has been replaced this week with something newer, shinier and more flexible, and with that comes a new name: Tasks!

Wherever you are in the world, the Tasks side interface will show you the six most suitable endeavours for your location and skill levels. From the side interface, you can also open up the Task List to view all Tasks in the game, sorted by area set (e.g. Lumbridge/Draynor) and difficulty. There are options here to filter out all completed Tasks or those that are not part of a set.

We've also added some additional Tasks into Lumbridge that are not part of the Lumbridge/Draynor set, which are aimed at players new to RuneScape. They won’t pose a challenge to an experienced player, but they do pave the way for more non-set Tasks in the future. Completing these or any other Tasks is worth a bounty in cold, hard cash, and there's a music track and an emote waiting to be unlocked by those who complete enough of them.

Please note that the rewards for completing all of the Tasks in a set of the same difficulty level will still earn you the same items and XP lamps as the old Achievement Diaries did.

We’ve also removed Objectives (and its tab from the side panel); Objectives only let you set a level target in one skill or track one quest. In its place we’ve added Skill Targets, which you can set by right-clicking on the icon of any skill in the side panel’s Stats tab. Although this means you can no longer set a quest as a target, it does mean that you can set individual targets for each and every skill, and that target can be either a level (anything up to 99; or 120 for Dungeoneering) or a specific amount of XP (anything up to 200,000,000)!