Slaying runescape mods

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 542

As the battle of Lumbridge rages on with the fury of a thousands suns, I have relentlessly wiped clean the battlefield of Saradomin filth! Everything Saradomin has thrown at me, I have stepped on and ground to dust. This includes his most prized soldiers... The J-Mods... Clones...

It tickles me that they implemented them into the event. Pretty cool concept I tip my hat for that It also tickles me they drop phats... They disappear of course which is fine with me.

However I think it would be cool if there was an item(s) you can only obtain from slaughtering the clones. An item(s) you can only get from them and can keep. Perhaps a weapon slot runescape item? Maybe even a special looking banner? Of course have these items be fully cosmetic.

I'm aware they drop the cosmetic overrides for weapons as well as a good size of tears. But an item as I've described above would be nice.

It's a fun event. It's even more fun killing the creators but a little token of remembrance would be well appreciated.

Thanks and happy killing,

Edit: How about as a rare drop we get a "severed head of the corresponding mod"? We can wear it in our off-hand slot.