Slayer Challenges

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 405

This week sees the addition of unique challenges to the Slayer Masters of the world. Players who have successfully completed several assignments for a Slayer Master will occasionally be offered the option of completing a special task in place of a regular assignment, when visiting their favourite Slayer Master.

The tasks on offer differ depending on which of the masters you visit. They each have their own unique request, ranging from Vannaka’s dragon hunting to fulfilling Sumona’s vendetta against the Kalphite Queen, up to running Duradel’s gauntlet of killing every creature in the Slayer Tower!

These new tasks are optional, and you can decline them in favour of a regular Slayer assignment should you wish to (with no penalty). If you do choose to take on these special challenges, however, you’ll be rewarded with additional Slayer experience and, if you’ve completed the Smoking Kills quest, Slayer points too.