Skilling Ladder (Beta)

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 555

Warring and ladders have been dominated by combat-based clans for a number of years but, as we all know, clans aren’t all about PK’ing or indeed combat. That is why we launch our first ever Skilling Ladder today to give a competitive element to the Skilling community that will be officially led by Jagex.

Using the same techniques, rules and formalities of the Skilling Cup section of the Jagex Clan Cup from 2009 and 2010, the ladder will present a weekly battle of supremacy to see who can skill the best. The wars will be arranged and fought by the clans while the results will be processed and presented by our Jagex Elves*. The ladder will be launching as a ‘Beta’ meaning that rules may change in the future. Since a ladder is an on-going process we want to tweak it so that it meets the community's best interests.

So what better way to test out the new clan features then by organising your clan to participate in the ladder? Work out your winning strategy in the new clan area, pick ranks for the chosen few that will represent all that your clan stands for, set up your battle standard among the trees, rocks, and scenery so that the RuneScape populace will learn the name of your clan and help it go down in RuneScape history!