Simple guides to make money in Runescape for Members

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 411
This is a simple guide to make money in Runescape ,but just for menbers

The method is simple:

Bring Saradomin/Armadyl/Zamorak/Bandos Items to God Wars. Go down near the Aviansies/Armadyl Section. Bring a few Bones to Beaches (B2P) tabs.


Kill Aviansies. They can drop many things. Pick up any good herbs (price check them to make sure worth it; 2K+ value is good). Pick up charms, they’re useful for Summoning and might come in handy later. Pick up ADAMANT BARS. This will make you your most money. Selling for 3K+ each, you get 4 per drop. It’s very often, and they are noted. If you get Runite Limbs/other runite objects, cast High Alchemy. Remember to bring your Fire Staff and Nature Runes for this.

In a few hours, you can make millions of GP. It can be very rewarding after learning all the techniques. This was a short guide, as I don’t have all the time to make it better.