Share the basic news of the game runescape with you

Date: Nov/02/13 11:50:07 Views: 563

As we had mentioned to you before,there are three classes in runescape,including warrior,ranger and mage.Besides, each of them has its own runescape tasks.And more details about them will be showed to you in the following narrations.


In the beginning, it is warrior that we should know,which uses melee combat style and is more stronger than rangers but weaker than mages.It generally wears heavy, metal armour that provides excellent defence against melee and ranged attacks.




Second, it goes to the ranger.Well, under this style,it is stronger than mages but weaker than warriors. And its subclasses include longbow, shortbow, and crossbow rangers.


Finally is the mage,which uses the Magic combat style and is strong against warriors but weak against rangers Mages generally wear robes for armour and wield staves for weapons. The mage combat class is further divided into two subclasses: the Ancient Mage, user of Ancient Magicks, and the Wizard, user of modern magics, for combat related activities.


Hope that we talked aboved has wised you and aid you in the your future playing.