Share some guides of the Runescape with you

Date: Nov/12/13 15:32:16 Views: 471

Although we have mentioned a lot about the runescape , there is something left you are bound to be interested in. There are some guides we would like to share with you.


While you are playing the massive net game, it easily becomes into more of a job than that of a spare time of fun. Like those peoples who go a bit over display panel with it, and start playing five hours straight to complete their accomplishments! So this is a great guide to show you how to just have fun while playing this game, and not turn it into another source of tedium!





Thousands of website sprung up all over the places to sell Runescape gold and items for real cash. Every player can buy or sell gold and items freely among themselves.And Jagex treat this very seriously. So, in order to stop this from happening, and thousands of other players paying cash to other website rather than Jagex themselves, they switch to the exchange system. This greatly impacted millions of players, as most of them quit, only a handful of them cracked the code of the Runescape Grand Exchange and multiply their wealth in Runescape many hundred folds.


To improve your ranged skill, get a bow and arrows. This quest unlocks cooking range and will give you some coins, cooking experience and sardine in note form . Talk to the cook assistant near the cooking range to start the quest. To complete the quest you’ll need to find the following items: A Pot – You can find one on the table nearby.