Selling runescape gold and item &equipment , read me pls !

Date: Nov/27/13 13:23:27 Views: 536

 Hello dear runescape friends , do u want to stop the runescape ? are u worry about losting gold in ur bank ? or u are getting tired of the useless item and equipment? let's solve all ur problems now 


1.How do u sell to us? 

U can sell ur runecape gold item & equipment for cash , there still some friend want to swap their item or equipment to runescape gold , don't worry , i t can still work on runerich do u get ur payment?

As soon as we get get ur product , we will send u payment within 5-10 minites ( paypal is offered )

3.why u choose runerich

runerich is runing over 7 years ,it deserves ur trust
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