Runscape Miniquest

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"Where is the buyers? i can't see him in trading place ." after a few sec... "oh i saw him , he is here now." we always heard this kind of converstaion in our office  . do u know where is the buyers for runescape gold  when trading? yes u are clever , they are doing miniquest





Mimiquest , like Quests, are storylines or tasks which can be completed by players for a reward such as experience, items, or money. However, no Quest Points are rewarded for completing a Miniquest, and usually Miniquests are shorter than the average Quest. Miniquests are also commonly "hidden" amongst updates to RuneScape, and are not usually announced when an update occurs.there are miniquests for runescape memeber player and f2p players

The follwoing miniquest is for memebers
quest :Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl
start point:Speak to a Barbarian Guard outside the Barbarian Outpost.

quest:Barbarian Training
start point:Speak to Otto in Otto's Grotto, located east of the Grand Tree and southwest of the Barbarian Outpost.

quest:Body of Clarence
start point:Speak with Zavistic Rarve in the Wizards' Guild, or ring the bell outside of the guild.

quest:Broomstick Enchantment
start point :Begin by speaking to the Apprentice who can be found in the house southeast of Al Kharid.

quest:Camelot Training Room
start point:The top floor of Camelot castle.

quest:Enchanted Key I
start point:Talk to Erin from the Making History Quest.

quest:Enchanted Key II
start point:Talk to Jorral from the Making History Quest.

quest:Ghostly Robes
start point:Speak to the Mysterious Ghost outside Glarial's Tomb.

quest:Goblin Priests
start point:Speak with the Ghost in the burial grounds in the back of the Goblin Temple

quest:Hunt for Surok, The
start point:Begin by talking to Surok Magis by the Saradomin Statue near the sawmill.

quest:Lair of Tarn Razorlor
start point:Enter the starting portion of Tarn's lair

start point:Begin by speaking to Skippy, found south of Rimmington.

quest:Purple Cat
start point:Begin by speaking to Wendy who can be found north of the Wizard's Tower.

quest :Scabaras Research
start point:Speak to Abigail the archaeologist, located at the top of the plateau from which the Scabaras Lair is accessed.

Many f2p players may wonder what kind of miniquest need we do ?
when u Begin by speaking to Fred, located in his house northwest of Lumbridge Castle u meet up the quest of Sheep Shearer
but if The dungeon entrance in the center of Barbarian Village.u must got the Stronghold of Security quest

There are so many miniquests in runescape game ,hope this threat can help u notice that before meet them, but they are all not so difficult,runerich belive all our customers are hardcore can overcome all quests. happying gaming dear friends,