Runescape warband is not doing patch note

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 531

This thread has nothing to do with the controversy that warbands bring, it's about the incorrect fix + information given when they nerfed warbands a 2nd time

jagex ''nerfed'' warbands for the second time and gave this statement:

''Wilderness Warbands will now spawn on a set 7 hour rotation to keep all worlds synchronised, instead of 7 hours after a world has rebooted.runesacpe gold Players also now only have 20 minutes to initially interact with a warband (interacting with one will extend its life by up to 10 minutes).''

to me this reads as a set 7-hour rotation which means all worlds are synchronised. players have 20 minutes to find a warband after it spawned and when you do something with the warband (doens't state what) it extents it's live by 10 minutes, which means you have 30 minutes in total.

now the reality is that you have an initial 10 minutes. if nothing happened the warband will decay. if you do the beam correctly it will a 10 minutes timer will start and do the beam incorrectly a 5 minutes timer will start.

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this is:
a) not what jagex said warbands do now
*) a huge hassle when you're late to a warband (managed to loot 1/3 camp 2x now because it decayed after 13mins initial spawn time).Fix warbands and make it do as you (jagex) intended to and as stated in the patch notes.