Runescape: The Secrets Behind Being a Noob

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 566
While woodcutting at a busy yew tree, a player next to me boldly stated that he beats his woodcutting level is better than everyone else who was their. Somewhat to his surprise, he finds out that my woodcutting level is significantly better than his. To re-establish his self-importance, he decides to call me a ‘Noob’. Now almost every player has been called a noob at one time or another but have you ever stopped to think about what it actually means?

A large proportion of players in RuneScape use the term noob to describe a new, usually low-level player. However this is not it’s actual meaning. The word noob is in fact used to portray someone who begs or sabotages something (both intentionally or unintentionally), such as destroying barricades in The Great Orb Project. The reason behind them doing such behaviour is typically because of a lack of knowledge of the game. Therefore their actual level does not necessarily affect this.

Such ‘noobish’ behaviour can also be done on purpose, to simply annoy members of the opposing team or of their own and the word may also be used to describe someone who simply acts stupidly, regardless of their experience.

Sadly many people simply use it as an insult, regardless of it’s context, because it’s not a reportable offence. A common argument is that players who call others noobs, are noobs themselves.

According to Jagex’s player dictionary a ‘froob’ is the term for someone who has never left Lumbridge, though players themselves barely ever use it in this manner. While a‘Choob’ usually means an inexperienced, high level player. So next time someone calls you a Noob, correct them and say you are a high level player and therefore must be a Choob.

Five Steps To Not Being A Noob

1. Never ask for money, everyone else has had to earn it for themselves, so can you. In fact mining clay earns you far more cash an hour then begging, so why not do that?
2. If you need something then don’t just waste other players time by asking where you can buy something. Just head to the Grand Exchange and buy it their.
3. Never ask for directions to Lumbridge, if you really don’t know the way either use the home teleport or get your game character killed so it respawns their.
4. Don’t call other players noobs, even if they are just level 3, they could likely have a main which is much better than yours or be a skiller.
5. If you get killed don’t complain, especially in PvP, its your own fault and you shouldn’t have risked your items you weren’t happy about losing.