Runescape saradomin is not evil at all

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 733

Stagnation is never a good thing. Just because the world is controlled by chaos doesn't mean you can't enjoy simple things in life. You just have to make a time and place to enjoy said things.

Morytania's humans suffering isn't exactly the best idea. Vampires don't necessarily want to hurt humans, they're forced to. The entire reason they're researching Haemalchemy is so that they don't have to. Only after Haemalchemy is mainstream among Vampires will we know if they truly want to struggle with humans to get meals.

Exactly what the title says. I've seen people claim that he promotes stagnation and utter control, and that his methods have caused more harm than good. I think I can knock both of these arguments to the ground.

Firstly, is stagnation truly a bad thing? In times of peace people are happy, able to enjoy life, and can build roads and fight crime rather than build war machines and fight each other. True, people my be more idle and less productive, and without constant fighting people eventually grow weak, but is that truly a bad thing unless the world is without order?

Compare this stagnation, which would likely happen were Saradomin to rule all of Gielinor, to Zamorak's chaos. With chaos, people CAN grow stronger as they overcome threat after threat. However, constant fighting and worry means they cannot truly enjoy the simple things that come in life, like peace and relaxation.

In the end, does this chaos even create an ideal world? Look at Morytania, a land of chaos. The humans are suppressed, miserable, and dying. The chaos has crushed them, and at this point they cannot overcome it to be stronger. Are the vampires any happier? After all, they were the ones who follow Zamorak and brought about this chaos. Not really. The chaos has taken its toll of them as well. They struggle to tithe enough blood for everybody, and there is unrest and fighting amongst them. This chaos has not crushed them yet, but it certainly isn't making them strong like it theoretically should.

Is the opposite side of the spectrum any better? Well, yes. Look at Entrana, Saradomin's equivalent of Morytania. It is completely under Saradomin's control, and has been for ages, and do you see some sort of totalitarianism suppressing the people? No. Everyone is happy, and Saradomin isn't invading everyones' personal lives or taking away their freedoms. Weapons are only banned because Entrana is peaceful and orderly, and weapons could ruin that. Isn't Entrana better than Morytania?

They DID find out how to use Haemalchemy, but they abandoned their lab and tried to destroy the evidence. Vanescula claims that this was done in order to allow the humans to remain oppressed and because no longer needing blood tithes would shake the vampyre society and cause infighting. Yet another example of how more chaos would be bad.

And vampyres don't WANT to harm humans, but are FORCED to? Do Branches of Darkmeyer, seriously. I recall some vampyres saying they wish they could put all humans in cages because the idea of having humans roaming free disgusted them. The vampyres also enjoyed tormenting Maria Gadderanks, and enjoy killing the humans who don't meet their blood tithes.

Stagnation is indeed a good thing in the ideal circumstances. In a realm of utter chaos like Morytania or the Wilderness, do you have the right time and the right place to enjoy anything other than killing? And if the whole world were stagnant, there would be no issues. Stagnation only cripples society when it has something threatening it, buy runescape gold,if everyone were united under Saradomin there would be no threat, because with order there isn't infighting like there is with chaos.