RuneScape Runecrafting Guide

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 503

Here is a Guide to unlock the Runecrafting skill.

This Skill can be extremely profitable once you have high enough levels. I am here to help you get those levels.


834750 gp OR 1750 gp (used to run runes)

After you complete rune mysteries you are able to craft runes. You need rune essence to do this. there are only 2 ways to get essence: trading/G.E. or mining it yourself. If you are a member and have 30 mining then don’t mine the essence! This gives you pure essence which is worth a lot more than rune essence. I recommend buying it off of the G.E. To get the cash for buying this you can do any number of things. It is expensive! I used to run essence.

To run essence get 25 essence and an air tiara/talisman (talisman given at the end of rune mysteries quest). go to the air altar(south of the G.E.) and say “2k 25 ess” or trade with someone saying something along the lines of “2k + 25 noted ess”. They will give you 25 noted essence and 2k for 25 unnoted essence. Then go to the G.E. and buy more essence. Continue until you have 83750 gp or 11155 essence in your bank. This will take a while but it is really easy.

If you have 834750 gp buy exactly 11130 essence.

Get your air talisman and a tiara. go to the altar and use the talisman on the altar to get an air tiara. Then wear the tiara and get 28 essence out of the bank. Run to the altar and enter it. Craft the runes and run back to the bank. Withdraw 27 essence and run back to the altar, enter, craft the runes, return to the bank, repeat.

Continue until level 44. At level 44 sell the runes and buy all the essence you can. then continue crafting air runes. This is when you start to make money. you earn about 5 gp per run because you are making more runes per essence than before. continue until level 99 and enjoy your fat wad of cash. to get to 99 from level 1 it will cost you 196 million. This does not count the several hundred million profit from selling the runes. You will make money.

This assumes the price of rune essence to be 75 gp. if it changes use this formula for the cost to 44 from o xp:


P = price of essence