Runescape Romanian gold black dragon log

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 - Runescape Goals -
1) to earn enough cash to get back Armadyl platelegs
2) earn chotic Rapier (6.5k / 20 Bandai currency)
3) access to the East Red / Vissage decline Login
4) 85 (h 70/85herblore extreme antifires herblore)
5) 95 prayer Turnmoil (95/80 prayer)

  -Runescape a tatics -
Fairy ring run from Edgevile then Mithril dragon fairy ring.
When you complete the trip when you can change the rest of the house teleport tab, supply the prayer, sent to Edgevile start again.
Reflect the opening of the Magic  Runescape  game, leech leech attack and defense curse, eat up and pot when needed.

 -Runescape Q & A -
Q: How do you transform your Vyrewatch log?
A: No, but would like all of the information collected Vyrewatch a guide level.
Q: Why full conversion?
A: In order not to run the prayer and the use of leech attack defense, had to use equipment to reduce the loss of more prayer prayer
Q: How much time do you kill?
A: It is not the same. Typically, each an average of 4 to kill (usually break even / make a small profit)