RuneScape Range Guide 1-30

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 564
This should help you to get through the first 30 levels easy enough
for this guide you will need about 3k bronze arrows(less if you want im just advising you to get enough so you dont have to keep getting more arrows) and a bow of your choice.
that you can use of course.

1-5 trian on chickens they are only lv 1 and hardly ever hit and u can get feathers while at this which should give you enough money to buy arrows and stuff for the rest of guide.

5-10 you can continue to trian on chickens or move to the strongholdof player safty in barbarian village and kill the goblins in there the won’t make you much money while your at it but should give you more xp.  you are a low level there are spots to hide behinde so you can range them but not get hit.

10-20 you should probalby move onto the minotaurs in the next room bring food though if u are a low lv

20-30 you can probalby just keep on doing the minotaurs and goblins bu bring a better bow now that you have reached level 20 range get the best bow u can use. hope this helped you plz say you liked ill do the same for all of yours and please coment.