RuneScape Q&A Schedule Changes

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 451

Due to time constraints, we have had to move back the dates of the Player Support, Community Management and FunOrb Q&A sessions. The revised schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday 28th January – Mark Gerhard (Jagex CEO)
  • Thursday 4th February – Andrew Gower (RuneScape's creator and Lead Developer)
  • Thursday 11th February – RuneScape Content
  • Thursday 18th February – FunOrb (on the FunOrb website)
  • Thursday 25th February – Audio
  • Thursday 4th March – Player Support
  • Thursday 11th March – Community Management

For more information about these Q&A sessions or to read what questions have been asked, please visit forum thread .

The live sessions for each of these topics will begin at around 8pm GMT (on the days stated above), save for Andrew Gower's (which will begin at 4pm) and RuneScape Content's (which will begin at 5pm).