Runescape news: the gielinor crusades

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 464

The J Mods of RuneScape have had enough of listening to each other’s differing opinions and have decided to settle it once and for all... with violence! They’re looking for clans and individuals who share their same ideals to fight under their banner and help them establish whose point of view has the most worth by buying up bragging rights over the locations of Gielinor.

To take part all you have to do is tell us which J Mod represents you in this forum thread and then start battling it out against the groups who follow other J Mods by using this forum thread. Every victory you achieve will count towards your group and allow those ranked in the J Mod’s clan chat to purchase the locations. Every location has a different cost and a different worth value. It’s the group who has the most ‘worth’ at the end who will be the winners.

The event is open to everyone and you can organise your battles however you like, be they in Clan Wars, PvP worlds, Stealing Creation or wherever! It’s not all about the J Mods either; the clans who go the distance and earn lots of victory points for their group will be championed on the forums and we may even give a shout out to you when the results are announced.