Runescape need rules to play games

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 434
There are a lot of runescape account been banned everyday, what is the reason that so many accounts been banned? Actually it is something with the Runescape Gold, some gamers breaked the rules while playing the game so their account had been banned from the Jagex. If they have these behaviors such as offensive language, scamming, and bug abuse in the game, their account will get banned if the Jagex notice it.

Runescape Gold

Jagex pay great attention to whether the gamer obey the rules or not. To enforce the rules, it allows a player to send a report to Jagex if they notice another player breaking a rule. RuneScape also uses three types of moderators: Jagex Moderators, who are Jagex employees; Player Moderators, who are trusted players that enforce the rules within the game; and Forum Moderators, who are trusted players who monitor the game forums. Players who repeatedly break the rules may be temporarily or permanently banned from playing the game. Permanently banned accounts, after a small payment of real-world cash and experience and wealth removal, can request to be unbanned. There are also rules prohibiting the use of third-party software to play the game, known as botting. In an attempt to stop cheating, Jagex made direct interaction with the client difficult, established rules against the practice, and introduced random events that required player input to complete.

So in order to keep your runescape account and Runescape Gold safety, preventing it from been banned by jagex, you should obey the rules that made by Jagex. And hope this can make some efforts while playing the rs game after you read this paper.