RuneScape Guild Historical Timeline

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These 12,000 years are divided into five distinct ages, each of which has its own distinct events and history.

The First Age was the dawn of Gielinor, during which the god Guthix shaped the world into what we know today. The First Age was roughly 4,000 years long.

The Second Age was the dawn of civilization in Gielinor. Those races that were created or brought to Gielinor in the First Age now began to create nomadic settlements, travelling as the hunt and climate dictated. At the same time, it was also an era of great strides, seeing massive kingdoms that have not been rivalled since. The Second Age lasted roughly 2,000 years long.

The Third Age, more often known as the God Wars, were a time of constant war and turmoil. RuneScape Gold. Lasting roughly 4,000 years long, the God Wars saw the reshaping of Gielinor. The Gods, still able to directly interact with the world, caused destruction that had not been seen before or since. Little survived the Wars, leaving details of the period sketchy at best.

The Fourth Age is also known as the Age of Mortals. During this time the surviving races began to rebuild and flourish amongst the world. Heroes from this age include Arrav and Camorra, both of whom have a statue in the Heroes' Guild.

The Fifth Age is the current age of RuneScape. The Fifth Age has thus far been a time of amazing strides for the human race, granting many humans dominance throughout central Gielinor largely due to the discovery of runes at the end of the Fourth Age. Positive advances in humanity's lifestyle include military, technological, theological, philosophical, political, and economic strides. The Fifth Age, as a result, has been referred to by some as the "Age of Humans".