RuneScape Guide to Make Milions

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 409
The best way to earn money,but the most hard,it's by mining,it's the skill that gives more money in whole Runescape.The money-making starts at lvl 70,when you can mine adamant,that is worth 1,2k or something,which is really good,but the mother of all resources is runite(ore),10k or something each,which is really much better than adamant,10x more valuable,but the bad news is that to mine runite,you don't need level 75,nor 80 but yes 85(in mining).So as you can see is really hard but very,very,very rewardingyou can make 200k in 2 hours,if you're lazy,but if you're those players that don't waste time,you can make 500k or something,the results are astonashing!!

Note:Mining is one of the most hard skills to upgrade.

A great way to earn big money is by woodcutting,starting in lvl 60,when you can start cutting yews.In level is 60 it's a bit hard to dut them,but you will upgtrade your woodcutting level in a considerated speed,more faster than mining,in level 70 you can note some diference in the cutting speed,at lvl 85 it's even more faster and so on.For members,in level 75 you can cut magic trees,1,2k each magic log.So it's a better way to earn big money in Runescape,by the way,it's the most option chosen,woodcutting instead of mining.