Runescape converting memories priority

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 518

I am loving divination so far, easily my favorite gathering skill to date. However there is one change that I would like to see made to the skill.

As most should know by now you can extend the lifespan of an enriched spring by being one of the first four to interact with it with a standard memory.This is a nice feature and will ultimately lead to communities devoted to training Divination forming once the initial hype dies down a bit.

The Runescape Gold problem is that you can only enhance the lifespan of an enriched spring with a standard memory, but when you convert memories the standard memories are the first to be converted.Sadly this makes it harder to have just one memory in your inventory at the start of an enriched spring and it is largely luck if you end up with an optimal setup.

This isn't a huge issue, but it is a bit annoying.My request is to have enriched memories converted first for the options that give additional exp. I would include converting to energy as well,but that is the one option where a lot of people would likely prefer to use non-enriched first.

If you convert with energy, it will convert enriched first, followed by standard. I use this for the xtra xp off the enriched, while submitting regulars by themselves. Sorta helps me find balance between collecting energies and xp.

I think the way they set up priorities is pretty good,and lends itself to balancing energy generation and xp collection better, than if enriched were always first to go in.

Maybe making it a toggle setting might help strike the balance better,so we can have a bit more customization in how we approach it.