RuneScape Celebrates Oktoberfest

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 455

When the Oktoberfest in Munich is about to end, we’re just getting started. From 1st to 17th October, the German community will host a multitude of themed events, parties and competitions. If you don’t want to miss out, dust off your lederhosen or grab your most folkloric Sunday dress and get ready, because we’re expecting guests from all over the world!

Here’s what to expect...

We’ll start with an opening party on Friday 1st, followed by a three-day event organised by our voluntary moderators.

During the first week of October (Monday 4th to Sunday 10th) we will stage an international tournament in the Stealing Creation, where all communities will battle it out for the precious sacred clay.

During the second week of October (Monday 11th to the Sunday 17th) you can hunt down J-Mods. Every day, we will post one of our mug shots on the forums and you will have to chase your victim in-game. When you have found him or her, take a screenshot as evidence and post it on our Facebook profile. We will then honour the best bounty hunter with the most trophies.

In between these events, we also offer some smaller get-togethers, like a PvP pub crawl, a bear hunt and team fishing. As you can see, we try to cater for everyone’s taste! But if you think that’s all, think again! During the time of the events, we’ve also hidden a little surprise in-game. We won’t tell you what it is yet, but keep your eyes peeled!