RuneScape Bandos Godwar Dungeon Guide

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 620
You start out at the ladder in godwars and you run north west to the bandos part and start killing goblins and hobgoblins. When you get 40 kills go through the door to general graador. The tank should turn on protect from melee. The non tanks should turn on protect from range. The tank goes through the door first. after you kill General Graador kill the sargeants then run to the wall next to the door. When General Graador respawns the tank should attack him first then every one else should attack him. In the room theres a prayer alter but you can only use it once every 10 mins. Keep doing that until you run out of supplies or the tank dies then tele out.

The armor and weapons you should bring are:

Bandos top or bandos godsword

Pendant of armydyl

Saradomin cape

Zamorak robe bottom

Wear any other armor you want.

This set is for melee only.

Remember to turn on lootshare and coinshare. Go with groups of 4+ that are over level 90.

the supplies.

4 prayer potions (4)

super set.

1 restore potion


fill the rest of your inventory with tuna potatoes.

Good luck!