Runescape 3 jagex is strong

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 497

Combat is the only thing getting attention? Two new skills are coming out, and we just got a comedy quest that's accessible to players of all levels. Jagex also stated their plans of refreshing some skills like construction. Skilling is not forgotten

Ahh yes, just two more painful weeks until the release of the greatly anticipated RuneScape Gold. What's that? You're not anticipating it? You should be, you don't have to be a long-time player to appreciate and realize all the effort Jagex is putting into this project. They must be working their butt off to give you guys a totally revamped experience on Runescape. It's not just a graphical overhaul with HTML5 being introduced; apparently, Jagex is keeping some amazing surprises that only RuneScape 3 can handle.

Unfortunately, this is the Internet. And on the Internet, is a community filled with pessimistic views, a community that bashes a company at any chance they get. July is supposed to be RuneScape's most exciting month! It's supposed to be the start of a gradually increasing player base and a growth in popularity, something that would benefit both us and Jagex in the long-term.

Instead, they are faced with unsuspected multiple server outages on July 3rd, and another major outage a few days later which caused many players to reasonably rant about their lost in wealth. To make matters worse, players are presuming that RS3 will fail at launch due to the low FPS on the BETA. Not an exciting month so far huh? Jagex is constantly getting rants and hate, but we must have faith in them. They realize that their player base is falling, they realize they're in immense pressure right now. They know what must be done; they've been doing this for 12 years.

Jagex is a strong company, they won't allow the players to hold them back. In fact, we're probably inspiring them to work even harder! You can imagine the folks at Jagex dealing with third parties to make sure those servers are at their best for the release of RS3, along with working countless hours to ensure a high-quality, lag-free experience for all on a frigging browser. July 22nd is the future of Runescape. Will it impress? Will it fail? All eyes should be on that date, because only that date will tell us.

Sure, two new skills come out. What about the old skills? These two new skills will be forgotten like the old ones within months. We need to be able to make cash with skills, enormous amounts of cash, just like combat does.

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Runescape has been changing to the point where it's not the same game we're used to. It seems that old players are willing to give RS3 a chance based on various comments from gaming sites and blogs. But that's not enough. We need new players as well. Let's face it, new players will try this game out. Some will stay, some will go. You don't need an insanely massive OMG perfect game to be successful. People think differently, we all have unique tastes and qualities that tell us, "okay this game does something that this game doesn't", or, "hey this game is nice and simple, and easy accessible, i can see myself playing on the weekends."

I'm not saying we're going to have a sudden magical spike in popularity. This will happen slowly over time.