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Old School RuneScape - or OSRS for short - is a service featuring a version of RuneScape based on how the game was in August 2007.
This Old School RuneScape service was opened on 22nd of February 2013. This was following a poll where players voted if they wish to see the return of an older version of the game.
The poll was up from 15th February 2013 and finished at 00:00 GMT 1st March 2013. Enough votes were cast to reach the first level of the service within 24 hours of the poll being launched, and total amount of players who voted for OSRS to return was 449,351.



access requirement
Only members may access the service.
On 7th June 2013, Jagex announced that there would be no extra charge for access to Old School Runescape for at least the next 12 months. Any player with active membership will be able to play OSRS

On 7th June 2013, Jagex announced that there would be no additional charge for members to access Old School Runescape for at least the next year. Old School is so popular that Jagex believe it will be a great, vibrant game for years to come


After the 2007 runescape came out there are many doublts about it

A:Does Jagex Account Guardian (JAG) work with Old School RuneScape?

No, not yet. We highly recommend all players use the Bank PIN feature and follow good practice for keeping your account secure.

B: I used to play RuneScape in the old days. Can I resume my existing progress?

No. Everyone starts afresh on this Old School service. You can, of course, continue your progress in the (much evolved) main RuneScape game.

C:Does the main RuneScape game link into Old School RuneScape service?

There are a few ways in which the two services connect:

1.Both use the same account credentials to log in.
2. Both use the same display name (avatar name).
3.The friends chat & private message systems work across both services.
4.Any mute or ban carries across both services.

However, your avatar progress, items, bank content, wealth or any material element of the game is entirely separate, as is each game’s economy.