RuneScape’s 10 Year Anniversary Bonanza!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 75

On January the 4th 2011, RuneScape will be celebrating the big 1-0! Yes, RuneScape will be ten years old in 2011 and we think that’s something rather momentous that we’d like to celebrate with you guys, the people who make RuneScape what it is.

We’re going to be launching some special surprises for you during the anniversary week, but as the success of RuneScape is really down to you guys, we’re encouraging all of you to organise and run your very own 10 year anniversary parties.

To get the most out of your party, get your clan or your friends together and pick a good location, such as a skill guild, a pub or somewhere that means something to you. Think up some entertainment such as RuneScape karaoke, a pub quiz or perhaps even cabbage bombing and then get your party started. The choice is yours!

We here in Community Management will keep an eye out for the best and most popular parties and who knows, we may add an extra surprise or two!

Get ready to party!