runerich:WildStar Guide: 1-50 Power Leveling

Date: Jun/06/14 18:28:38 Views: 741

In this video I show you all the zones by level in WildStar to help guide you while leveling. Knowing this information will help you level fast and not run around lost. Remember to like and subscribe for more WildStar!

what's going on everybody buck see here in this video will help young while

starr with lovely numb

by zones so if you're confused on where to be in a certain level range this

video should help you out

starting off for level 123 are going to be an arc ship

at the end of leveling up there you're gonna picky starting zone so

the Excel is gonna be ever so our growth in the northern wilds in in for the Dominion

to be the Crimson I'll in lesbian bi you're gonna do level 32 E

in those areas I want to leave their the XR gonna pick between Celestion

in Alum Rock in the Dominion will pick between Dehradun

and Elle Varner he doing love 8 214 in these areas

one Seattle 14 you should get a quest to head over to capitol city so for the Exiles gonna be

1dade if the many will be ileum once you get there if you are low 14 you should get another quest

to go ahead and get your housing plot so you might wanna go did that

pick up the XP buff said your house get some rest XP whatever

want to leave the capitol city next they're going to want to head to for Excel

it into Dallas in for too many it's gonna be a warrior

what's it about level 22 for both factions you can wanna head over to Whiteville

for the Excel this is simply ran ernie feed the capital city

seeing is run rate down there happily for the Dominion they have a transporter

in the main city ileum

says take that have to wait bill in as in the first contested PvP zone

if course you are on a PvP server about a relatively 9

are not quite we ninety ran out quests make their you wanna hit up is

farsightedness is going to be

of plant in excess and again you decide transporter in the capital cities

cell you have a jewel finders just talk to guard not sure exactly where to go

what's around the mall 34 gonna head over to while run

which big kinders has a transporter inside the capitol city is

nigga stay there to level 40 then after all forty

gonna head over to mount grieve for level 40 to 45

and I believe ball capital cities do you have a transporter 4 mount grave

now it's about level 45 ish you can head over to ground ball which is just north

uh now great surge gonna keep on right near Mount pass male grave

the role little rabin in your head over to groom ball is also two more zones

in green ball better not yet added to that content as well depending on when you watch this video

now to get to the point where low of 49 you not find a lotta quests or you want something

that'll probably de 250 pretty fast you wanna head over to the Crimson Badlands

which is going to be the daily quests upper level 50 but you can actually had their

lol forty-nine so all you need to do is just complete the storyline quests if you had that finish

go back to capitol city should get the quest that tells you to go the Crimson Badlands if not

physical no to fire board where she can go pick up a quest from

in the town i think is a few of them just littered around the

capitol city see your pricey it stock to that and it will

directly to NBC that will transfer you to the Crimson badlands

which will be over the space for were all the other transporters are as well

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