runerich:Walatiki Temple WildStar PVP Analysis Guide

Date: May/21/14 14:34:48 Views: 722

The Walatike Temple is the PvP map in WildStar for the newbie, basically the new players can enter into this map through Group Finder System. Click "N" can open the Group Finder System, and chose Practice Grounds, then you can choose Walatiki Temple. The end, Let's join the fight!

wildstar group finder

The Introduction of Walatiki Temple (10V10): 

The objective of the map is to collect Moodie Masks and return them to your base, with the first team that has collected 5 being crowned the winner. The Moodie Masks will spawn in the middle of the map and both teams will fight for the opportunity to secure the Masks and bring it back to base.  Once a Mask is brought back to base, the opponent team will be able to steal that Masks and attempt to bring it back to their own base.

wildstar Walatike Temple map

Yellow Spot : The place to refresh the Moodie Masks. To require mask need cast time, any damage and debuff can break it. The three yellow spot randomly appear Moodie Masks when the Walatiki Temple open.

Red Spot: The place has buff to increase movement speed. When you are chasing opponent and deliver the mask, this buff can help you.

Blue Spot: The place has buff to increase damage. There is no doubt you absolutely need it!

Anyone who deliver the Mask movement speed would be decreased, moreover when you use the leap or jump the mask would drop. If you were killed during the delivery, the mask would drop either. But the protection mechanism can prevent the enemy picking up it within seconds. Meanwhile, you can steal the mask from the other camp when you are involved confused fighting. Of course, you better send two peopler to steal it! All in all, the cooperation and strategy are the most important factors in WildStar PvP Area. In addition that an excellent team guider can play a crucial role in the battleground.