RuneFest Gallery Competition Results

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 459

It’s been barely a month since we launched our RuneFest Gallery Competition, but just in that short amount of time we’ve been inundated with entries. From perfectly realised watercolour landscapes to cutting edge computer rendered scenes of carnage – we’ve seen a wonderful spectrum of artistic styles and a range of approaches to the subject matter.

The subject in question, if you missed the competition launch, was to draw us a scene involving a golden gnome, Bob the Cat (or Evil Bob, if you were so inclined) and a Flagstaff of Festivities. We’ve seen all kinds of takes on this now infamous combination, including some really comedic, beautiful, terrifying and bleak scenes. It’s been such a diverse and impressive collection of entries to review – many thanks to all of you who sent stuff in.

By the end of the competition, we’d identified a whopping 14 pictures that simply had to be awarded a place among the winning selection. Each of the following will receive their artwork on canvas (signed by some of our J-Mods), a RuneFest goody bag and lifetime RuneScape membership:

  • "Arrival” by Burvite
  • “Evil Bob Homebound” by Apricotius
  • “Festive Spirit” by Deazee
  • “No! What? Noooo!” by Ozfiz Face
  • “RuneFest” by Zarethegreat
  • “Two Warriors” by Misterxman
  • “Untitled” by Dark Demesne
  • “Untitled” by Fugaz-Star
  • “Untitled” by Kweetvannix
  • “Untitled” by Leonive
  • “Untitled” by Mino-Tauros
  • “Untitled” by PAWWWWL
  • “Wild Wilderness” by Vytautas
  • “Wise Old Man” by Lord Mar I

At RuneFest, we will have a Gallery Wall, upon which these 14 winning images will be on display. They will be joined by 16 ‘Best of Gallery’ images taken from previous Players’ Galleries and a range of official RuneScape concept art. All 35+ of these images will be reproduced in stunning detail on real canvas to give them that authentic art gallery feel.

Well, that’s all the arty news we have for you this month, so all that’s left for you to do is to have a good old browse in our two new official player galleries: RuneFest Gallery 1 and RuneFest Gallery 2. There you’ll see a selection of our favourite entries, including s selection of the winners noted above.