Rune mechanics

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 620

Apprentice Clerval at the Mage Training Arena is utterly useless at magic...and pretty much everything else. He needs your help in getting his head around Rune Mechanics, our latest novice quest. In particular, he's trying to build a rune guardian from scratch, something that hasn't been done for generations.

Rune Mechanics carries on for the Rune Mysteries quest, teaching those who have just learnt the basics of Runecrafting a bit more about the skill (namely, how to craft combination runes). Those adventurers who help Clerval may well find themselves with a brand-spanking new rune guardian pet on their hands.

Certainly, the rune guardians that already roam the halls of the Mage Training Arena would be happy to introduce those unfamiliar with the place to the various Magic training challengers on offer. With enough training, any mage will one day be able to wield a master wand, sport some fancy infinity robes and turn bones into juicy peaches (should they want to). Well, any mage but Clerval...

Mod Nancy
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Rune Mechanics : Speak to Apprentice Clerval in the basement of the Mage Training Arena .

Requirements to complete Rune Mechanics :
Rune Mysteries
Wolf Whistle
27 Magic
25 Construction
20 Runecrafting

In other news...

Based on your feedback, we've changed the stats on the Penance armours from Barbarian Assault. Check out this Knowledge Base page for more details on these items.

We've added a second trident to Barbarian Assault's rewards. The original trident remains unchanged, but can now be upgraded to a master trident for free. The master trident has an Attack level requirement of 70 due to its increased melee combat stats (in addition to the Magic level requirement of 70 it shares with the original trident).

We've updated the Adventurer's log to contain a larger selection of NPCs including, but not limited to, the KBD, the Penance and Kalphite Queens, and the Corporeal Beast. A log will be created any time you defeat these creatures. Additionally, instead of spamming your log with “I've killed a creature” for every one that you defeat, it will now attempt to group these together in one message.

We've added a feature to allow you to more easily reply to the last private message you received: just hit the ‘TAB' key on your keyboard!

We've changed the gnome restaurant and associated shops in a few ways. Firstly, if you complete a delivery task, the food and cocktail ingredients shops will be restocked. Secondly, we've adjusted the rewards for the deliveries, so you're more likely to get better items such as mint cakes or seed pods.

All types of spirit shield have now been properly textured and should match the recently updated inventory icons.

You may have noticed that cannons were not always hitting the enemy they were aiming at. The targeting code has been improved and should have more consistent behaviour in all directions.