Run Energy Upgrade

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 430

The run energy upgrade consists of five changes.

1) We have adjusted both the rate at which your energy drains when running AND the rate at which it returns. Overall, these changes mean you will be able to spend a greater proportion of time running than before.

2) You can now sit down and rest anywhere by right-clicking on the run button, which will recharge your run energy (and Hitpoints) much faster (the musicians located at various places around Gielinor provide even faster recharge rates).

3) We have adjusted all energy-restoring potions and food so that they restore more run energy, to make sure they are still useful in light of the above changes.

4) Agility has been made more effective for improving running, as it now reduces your recharge time AND increases the distance you can run per run energy point. Agility levels 50-99 in particular have been made more useful, as previously they offered very little extra running advantage.

5) Agility no longer gives a boost on free worlds, as it was giving members an unfair advantage against free users when PKing or resource gathering on free worlds. Members’ features were always supposed to be turned off on free worlds to avoid spoiling the game for the free players, and indeed most of them were (which is why you can’t use members’ weapons on free worlds, for example), but for some reason we missed the Agility one. Of course, members are welcome to also play on free worlds if they want to, but they shouldn’t expect to have an unfair advantage against free users when playing on a free users’ world.

Last but not least, some more player ideas have made their way into the game. You can now weave seaweed nets, and carry much more seaweed than before. There is also a new herb called wergali. Wergali seeds can be obtained from Vinesweeper, your compost mound familiar, or from various monsters’ drops. Perhaps you’d like to use the herb to gain advantages in Fletching and Crafting? Well, now you can, as herbalists have discovered a couple of wergali potions that temporarily boost these skills. Other small changes concern the Strongholds of Security and of Player Safety, where only those in need of information will be quizzed, and the magic spell icons, which have had a graphical update.