Rated Clans Wars Tournament

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 388

The brand new Rated Clan Wars system and map has brought with it a whole different warring style when compared to traditional Clan Wars. With a new dedicated map and rules, the fast pace of these battles is sure to prove a challenge. The hiscores have been tracking the best clans in Rated Clan Wars over the past couple weeks and we thought, what better way to celebrate its success than to have a tournament based on Rated Clan Wars?

Every clan is welcome to take part in this knockout tournament to find the true champions of the Rated Clan Wars arena, and show that they mean business in this new world of clan warfare! The top 10 rated clans in the hiscores when the draw is made on Friday 29th April at 5pm will be seeded based on their rank, in a similar way to other real-world tournaments (such as football or tennis). This should lead to some classic matches and tournament upsets when the higher seeds are knocked out.

All of the fights will be taking place in the Rated Clan Wars arena and all of those rules will apply; however, in the spirit of fairness, there will be a 100-player limit, so it’s not just a case of the biggest clan winning, but instead the most skilled.